A dream about a Russian Submarine

I have had 2 dreams where I have seen major events that happen in the world. The 1st was the Co-Vid 19 dream which I posted earlier on the web-site while the other is the dream that I will mention in this post. I guess there could be no God so the dreams would then rightly originate from my own psychic power. Or, there really is a God and this divine spirit we humans call God is really communicating with me.

The God I choose to believe in is named “The Holy Trinity” which is known to Christians as the God of both the Old + New Testament. This dream involved a Russian Submarine that was on a top-secret mission in the summer of 2019.

Dream – In May 2019 I had this dream. In the dream I saw a Russian submarine hurtling and flip-flopping. It was dangerously out of control and moving wildly. As the sub approached a large set of power cables/lines it struck the power lines. While I expected a terrible catastrophe to occur such as a fire or explosion it did not. Then, I woke-up from the dream.

During the dream I was thinking in my mind that what I was seeing was something known only to the Russian government like a secret mission. I also felt that a terrible disaster was averted despite the sub crashing into a large series of power cables/lines.

Fulfillment of Dream – 2 months passed after I had the dream and I wondered if it would come to pass. Then one morning in July I woke-up as usual and went about my daily duties. Around 2pm I checked on You Tube for the channel named “Tru News”. The main topic that day was the explosion of a Russian submarine that was embarked upon a top-secret mission.

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That day there was the accident of a Russian submarine that was on a top-secret mission. The accident involved power cables/lines and because of the selfless actions of several Russian crew-men a potential world-wide catastrophe was averted. These real-life events match perfectly with the details God showed me in the dream.

As James 4:14 states “Whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow.” Time is a gift that is as important as God himself. I Thank God that he has sent his Holy Spirit to teach us, guide us, comfort us, remind us and prepare us for the terrible voyage of this life.

A visit from the Virgin Mary.

I have had 5 separate prophetic dreams where the woman with the robe and veil has appeared to me and shown me the future. I am going to share 1 of these dreams in this post. It is important to remember that Mother Mary is not an idol, goddess, or an alternative saviour. No …. rather I believe she is to be cherished, loved, and respected as our spiritual mother in grace.

Dream – In February 2016 I had a dream where I was floating above the middle-school I attended as a child. In the dream I saw the beautiful lady (Mother Mary) floating in the air with me. Just as when I had seen her before she wearing a white and blue veil and was on my right side. I could feel as always the vibrant presence of a Loving Mother. The lady said to me several times “We must find Joseph …. We must find Joseph.” When I attended middle-school my best friend was named Joseph and he was Roman-Catholic.

Fulfillment – One week later a new person moved into our home because there was an empty room in the same house where I was also renting a room. Guess what …. that person’s name was Joseph. I did not tell him about the dream right away because I did not want to scare him and knew if the dream was truly from God to wait for confirmation. After 9 months of knowing Joseph (Joey) he shared with me how he was raised as a Traditional Catholic.

He was very acquainted with Mother Mary because when he was a child his mother consecrated him to The Blessed Virgin Mary. He was also an altar boy and prayed the Holy Rosary and Novenas regularly with his family. This is yet further evidence of how Christian’s may look to The Blessed Virgin Mary as our spiritual mother and the best example of how we may bring Jesus Christ’s love to other people which is like that of an empathetic, tender-hearted mother.

A visit from my Great Aunt

In June 2010 my Great Aunt visited me in a dream. This Great Aunt is the same woman that I had the dream about with the voice and guardian angel at the moment she passed away which I mention earlier on this web-site.

Dream – I was in my paternal grandparents kitchen and it was filled with bright light. My Great Aunt was to my left and said to me “Sometimes I watch you.” The dream transitioned to me now standing where my Great Aunt previously was and my Great Aunt was 12 feet away from me and to my left. She was standing just beyond the doorway that led from the kitchen to the bathroom.

She then said to me “Mary”. A few seconds passed and she said “Is this your first Communion ?” To this I responded “No, when I got older I taught myself.” The dream then ended with me sitting on the kitchen floor with my legs crossed. I was sitting in front of my Great Aunt and was on the kitchen side of the doorway while my Great Aunt was on the other side of the doorway, 2 feet away from me. I asked her a question about 3-relatives that have died in the last decade and if those relatives are in Hell. My Great Aunt looked me in the eyes and said in a matter of fact voice: “Yes.”. The dream ended.

My Interpretation – I have had several dreams in the past regarding my Dad’s side of the family and they always occur in my grandparents kitchen. The reason I believe my Great Aunt said “she sometimes watches me” is because I have Faith that God allows our dear relatives and friends that are in Heaven to know certain things about our lives in this world. Our Holy relative and friends love us and likely want to keep that loving connection with us through prayer to help us as best they can as we sojourn in this life towards Our Heavenly Abode.

When My Great Aunt said “Mary” I feel it is because she knows what God says about Mother Mary and loves her just as a child loves their Mother. My Great Aunt lived her life as a Methodist. This dream re-affirms to me that once we see Almighty God with our minds all the prejudices, names of religions, and denominations fade forever away. In Heaven, we see with vision and experience the Beatific Vision which is the primary enjoyment of Heaven. So, it is rational to think the arguing and disputes we experience on earth will end for good once we enter Heaven.

Regarding her comment on Holy Communion: It May mean that Communion is a very special gift of grace and love from God to humanity that we need to appreciate and never degrade. We know how people can vehemently argue about God and participating in such heated, emotional exchanges can be very frustrating and fruitless. My thoughts are that whether or not the Baptists, Protestants, or Catholics are understanding God most accurately as regards to Holy Communion – it remains a precious gift that we need to value and respect.

The 3-relatives that I named to my Great Aunt and asked if they were in Hell are relatives that I grew-up knowing. Two of the three people claimed to believe in God while the other did not seem to have much of an opinion. They were very wicked people from God’s perspective, while from man’s perspective they were fun and great.

I sometimes ponder the harsh truth that if this dream is true and from God then five minutes after their physical deaths they were judged and condemned for All Eternity. Meditating upon this reality cements in my mind the fact it is unwise to put any stock in human judgment or opinion. Why? Because upon our physical death, when human opinion and distraction ends, the cold, hard facts of reality set in. If God is indeed Just and Fair, then everyone will get what they deserve. Which likely means 2 Eternal Options: Heaven or Hell. What do you choose ?

Why does God speak to his people in dreams and night visions

#1 – God has our total attention.

When we are sleeping we cannot add or subtract to what we may see in a dream. And if the dream is from God then he can teach us the meaning and value of the dream, whether that dream affects just us or the entire world.

#2 – God lives in a world that is currently invisible to us (Heaven) that we cannot YET see with our physical eyes.

When we are asleep it is kinda like being in an invisible world in that it is a different experience than our conscious, every day human life. We can reason that if there is a being that lives in Eternity, outside of time and space, then that being (whom we call God) can introduce himself to our minds and souls when we dwell in the invisible world of sleep.

#3 – Constant Contact.

If we seek to please God and do his will when we are awake, let’s say 16 hours a day. Then, when we sleep 8 hours God can keep in contact with us via dreams so as to always keep watch over us and draw us nigh unto him if we begin to stray.

Have you ever heard of the 3rd Secret of Fatima ?

The Main Point with regards to what I share regarding Fatima is this: Somebody is Lying. Either myself and others much more intelligent than I am are lying about the current state of the world (moral, physical, and spiritual). The other option is that the current hierarchy of the RCC and its top leaders are lying to the world. This is accomplished primarily by the cooperation of Bishops, Cardinals, and ultimately the Vatican 2 Popes as they choose to bring about the decisions and schemes of Secret Societies. Scripturally we could speculate the hiding of the content of The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima is perhaps part of the, ” … Mystery of Iniquity …” St. Paul spoke of in 2nd Thessalonians, Chp. 2. As always time will tell. Again, enjoy the Web-Site.

The Vatican publicly released what appears to be a fake version of the 3rd Secret of Fatima in the year 2000. Father Malachi Martin claims he read the real third secret in 1960. Fr. Martin gave audio interviews to Art Bell from 1995-1998. You can find them on you tube if you choose to listen to them.

Fr. Martin never revealed the secret word-for-word because he took an oath. He did however drop many hints to what the real secret said. The third secret is a prophecy that BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) spoke to three children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

Here are some details that Fr. Martin gave us regarding the contents of the real third secret:

*The 3rd Secret was an “either/or” statement. Meaning that either you (John 23rd) do what I tell you in the beginning of the 3rd Secret, OR, if you do not listen to God then these events will follow. John 23rd did not reveal the real third secret tp the world in 1960 as God instructed. Therefore, we can assume the Great Apostasy began to unfold.

We see the disastrous effects of this sin today as Society continues to rot. The external appearance of the current RCC (Roman Catholic Church) has all but fallen apart. This is what happens when God gives human beings what they want: Sin and Depravity. When he withdraws his presence and grace all Hell breaks loose upon innocent, unsuspecting, and good-willed people.

I also want to briefly mention that there are MANY great Christians that still attend the Vatican 2 Catholic Church under the leadership of Francis since 2013. These souls are in no-wise accountable for the sins of the hierarchy. I have friends whom I personally am very close with that are Vatican 2 Catholics. I feel they are doing the best they can with what they know, and love Jesus and Mary with fervor and reverence.

*Fr. Martin publicly said the final pope will be under control of the devil.

*The Pope whom was supposed to reveal the third secret to the world in 1960 as Mary instructed was John 23rd. He refused to do this and later called the three children of Fatima: “prophets of doom.”

*John the 23rd also once told Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre that the third secret: “does not concern my reign.” This would have been said in the early-1960s. I am close, personal friends with 2 men who trained as Traditionalist Priests in the 1970s. These men now serve God as Independent Traditional Catholic Bishops. This is mainly due to their experience of seeing first-hand the changes to Catholic Doctrine and Discipline since Vatican 2. These Clergy friends of mine have been able to educate me about apparent spiritual realities that currently remain unknown to much of humanity. I feel it is my responsibility to share some of these matters within my web-site.

*Sister Lucia who wrote down the third secret said that it contents referred too: “Apocalypse/Revelation Chps. 8 and 13.” These 2-Chapters refer to physical punishments/chastisements on planet earth and speak of the public appearances of both the Anti-Christ and False Prophet.

And let us please remember there will be world-wide problems on a scale never seen before. God will use these circumstances to spiritually and physically prepare humanity for the reigns of both the Anti-Christ and False Prophet.

Also, Fr. Martin said this on Art Bell:

When describing the text of the real third secret (in the late-1990s’), Fr. Martin said: “It’s a very exact description of …. what is now happening (the great apostasy) and apparently what is going to happen shortly; but in cold, hard terms. There is no exaggeration or use of adverbs or adjectives or anything like that. It’s a blanket statement …. a very factual thing, stated …. ballsy. Without an adulteration, any flourishes, any purple patches.”

One more thing: The real third secret is said to be 20-25 lines long. So it was likely 220-270 total words.