**The 3 Main Goals of my Web-site**

#1 – Too help you see and understand a glimpse of God in this life so that you may strive to perfect your soul here-and-now. This will prepare you to leave this life in God’s grace and enter the eternal life of Heaven where you will see God 100% in the Beatific Vision.

#2 – We have all suffered in our life here on earth and carry heavy burdens that afflict us and cause sorrow as we cry out for justice. Since I believe God has given me definitive proofs of his existence and this evidence is shown by the connection between prophecy and suffering. Therefore, I feel that I owe it to people to relieve their earthly pains with a gentle touch of God’s Holy Spirit.

#3 – Too present as much EVIDENCE as I possibly can to prove the existence of the Invisible Friend also known as the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. The evidence I present is meant only to glorify Jesus Christ and not myself. What you read in my web-site is known as Christian mysticism in our earthly life and most accurately known as the Beatific Vision of Almighty God in the next life.

**My Favorite Spiritual Reminder**

From The Angelus Prayer: “The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived by the Holy Spirit.”

Before you begin the adventure of travailing the pages of my website I feel it necessary to add a *Disclaimer*. You deserve to understand my motives with regards to why I chose to share the information contained within my Web-Site. I believe every person deserves to share their thoughts and be respected as we mature into adulthood.

It is also necessary to mention that I do not approach the revealed mind of Almighty God from a viewpoint of: Catholic vs Protestant; Muslim vs Jew; Atheist vs Sikh; etc; etc. I approach my life in this world knowing that my main enemy is myself and my sins. As adults we have the freedom to make choices about our religious beliefs with regards to the invisible world of Spirit.

I am not God and do not proclaim that I speak on behalf of God. Whatever God thinks of me is what he thinks. I simply do my best to live life and share love with others. Not in a “free-love, hippie” sort of fleshy way. But rather, a solid spiritual relationship built upon Faith and Morals.

I know Almighty God expects me to use the knowledge he has graced me with and share with others. In the same way God requires me to receive spiritual insight from fellow brothers and sisters of Faith. I do not consider growth in a person’s chosen spiritual life to be a “Competition”. I accept people for who they are and respect their beliefs. I feel the most appropriate tool that I have to use in this Terrible Vogaye of Life to educate Souls is my web-site. Get ready to enter the Twilight Zone. : )

And btw, if after your sojourn through my web-site you would like to get in touch with me please feel free to e-mail at this address:

Human life is a war between God’s Divine Truth, Mind, and Will VS Perverted human beings Vain Lies, Delusions, and Plots. As an adult we consciously choose whose side we are on: Either Almighty God’s Side or Man’s Side. There is no other choice as important as this choice because it will ultimately determine where we spend Eternity: In Heaven or Hell.

This Eternal Choice we make is influenced by our own personal strengths and weaknesses. There is also the guidance and inspiration of The Holy Ghost/Spirit to guide and strengthen this process. As well, we attain to further Faith in God when God chooses to share pieces of his Divine Mind (His Will and Plan) with us.

Our choice is thus:

We side with God’s Sanity and Purity (Aka: God, The Creators’ Supernatural Dogmas of revealed Faith and Moral Rules.)


We choose Humanitys Insanity and Incest Psychosis (Best exemplified by Sigmund Freud who famously said: “My true enemy is the Roman Catholic Church.”) Not the RCC as regards to a “physical building”. But rather the Supernatural Dogmas of The RCC Before the Disaster of Vatican 2.

We should not get caught up in the word: “Catholic” because all the word means is “Universal”. For example, water is “Catholic”, … the atmosphere is “Catholic”, … etc …, etc. Let us try to focus our intellect/mind on the content I share in the web-site without to much partiality.

The Main Dogma/Truth which all Christians cling to Faith in is The Revealed Truth of The Holy Trinity. We may reasonably assume this was the main enemy Freud felt confronted with. Interestingly, the preface to The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima is public and says: “In Portugal, the Dogma of Faith (The Holy Trinity) will Always Be Preserved ….” I will share more of my thoughts about this in another post.

For all good-willed people of any Faith it is very important for those who seek growth in the spiritual life to foster true devotion to The Virgin Mary. This does not mean to worship her: ABSOLUTELY NOT. It means to imitate and cultivate her virtues as the best example we have of a person whom truly loves Jesus Christ.

A question a person may ask themselves if they choose to read through the entirety of my web-site is this: Why am I sharing some “personal things” on my website? I feel it is much more accurate to say that I am sharing the obvious about human nature and our daily struggles with the darkness of temptations we all face each day as adults.

I have found some people become very angry when they either read my web-site, or hear about it from other people. And even worse there are people who will actively waste their lives on earth trying to destroy those who search for spiritual truth and want to go to Heaven.

It is not my intention to proclaim that my words will allow you to see God like you see your right hand …. No. My desire is to communicate spiritual love and plant positive seeds for the future. Adults can and will choose to believe what they want – I am merely sharing information.


Since 1960 and the Council of Apostasy known as Vatican 2 society has vastly changed for the worse. This happened because God allowed sanctifying grace to be removed from the majority of humanity. It is not that God wanted to do this but he allowed these things to happen in fulfillment of prophecy. The culmination of these historical, Prophetic Events are said to eventually bring about The Great Apostasy, The public appearances of both The Anti-Christ and False Prophet, and The Literal, Actual End of The World and Beginning of Eternity.

As adults we are free to make our own decisions about God, Atheism, Agnosticism, and so forth. I accept everyone for who they are and respect them as a fellow human being. Since I feel I have something beneficial to say I created this web-site. If God does truly does exist then I do my best to serve him and submit my little human life to his divine and creative plan. If you choose to read through my web-site I hope you glean some gems of spiritual wisdom from within its pages.

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I am 1 little, sinful man in a GIGANTIC world. Please, .... Wish Me Luck !!

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