My experience and my girlfriend’s experience while being involved in pornography.

*I will outline the details of my girlfriend’s and mine experience while being in pornography.

*My girlfriend was in pornography 3 years (2007 through 2009) and I was in pornography for 2 years (2008 and 2009).

*Me and my girlfriend met in April 2010 and dated from 2010 until 2012. We still keep in contact daily via text or phone call.

*Her and I have a 12 year old daughter who has also had several prophetic dreams so far in her young life.

*My girlfriend moved from Louisiana to California to try and act in t.v. shows or movies. Although she got some small parts she never made it big. From there she began nude modeling which led to her then acting in pornographic films.

*I moved from Pennsylvaina to California to live with my Aunt and begin community college. It was at college that I met people who were in the pornographic industry and then decided to participate in pornography.

*We never met each other during this time.

*My girlfriend made 35-40 movies and I made 20-25 movies.

*The various fantasy’s my girlfriend was involved in were:

*Group of guys and my girlfriend or Group of guys and my girlfriend and 1 friend. Largest group scene she ever did was 8 guys vs her.

*Group of girls (My girlfriend being 1) and 1 or 2 guys.

*1 guy and 1 girl (My girlfriend).

*Older guy and girl (My girlfriend).

*The fantasy’s I was a part of included:

*Group of guys (with myself) and 1 girl or Group of guys (with myself) and 2 girls. I was always selected the leader by the women because they trusted me. The women I made porn movies with were all friends of mine and they considered me to be both their Spiritual Father and Spiritual Mother, as well as a living Roman-Catholic Saint. I pointed them instead to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I know this sounds twisted to say but this is how these females felt about me so I made sure to protect them as best I could. As you read through the rest of my web-site you will come to understand why my female friends in pornography held me in such high esteem. I also wrote templates to use for the different porn scene fantasies. The templates consisted of a title part, length of movie, what scenes will take place, how long will each scene be, how many men/women will be involved in each scene and what position will the men’s/women’s body be in during the porn scene.

*The largest scene we ever did was 10 guys and 1 girl. The woman who did this scene with us was a close friend of mine. The scenes appeared aggressive, rough, and violent but were in fact role-playing. In this scene it began with me putting her in a headlock and slapping her face. I also pulled her hair and pushed her down and we then began to have sex. Actually, we both began to smile and laugh because we knew what we were doing was a fantasy and naked Hollywood.

*Her and I made an agreement that if she did the fantasy of being submissive to a group of guy’s that I would be in a porn movie with her and her female friends where they would dominate me. We followed through on this and made both porn movies. Just like I took control of her in the movie where she was submissive, she took control of me in the other movie where the women were even more dominate with me than I was to them.

*Group of girls and 1 or 2 guys (1 was myself). The scenes appeared aggressive, rough, and violent but were in fact role-playing. In this porn movie the women was dominant while the man (myself) was submissive. The biggest scene we did was 5 women (2 Black, 1 White, 1 Hispanic and 1 Asian) vs G. In this scene I had a large mohawk and it began with the same woman from the other porn movie having me in a headlock while another woman (black female) grabbing my hair. The shoved me down and one sat on my face and another straddled herself on me.

*1 guy (myself) and 1 girl.

*Older woman and guy (myself).

*Lesbians and guy (myself).

*My girlfriend made around 40,000$ along with receiving money for an apartment, car, jewelry and make-up. Most she made in 1 movie was 2,500$

*I never made much overall. Some movies received Zero $ and most from 1 movie was 500$.

*Was just a brief period of lust and we were never malicious towards anyone.

*All the people we did porn movies with were our friends and we did not associate with nasty people.

*After making the porn movies we would do things such as go to the beach and make sand castles, surf, play volleyball and badminton and just lounge around and watch the sunset. We also would smoke marijuana or drink at friends house, go for a walk or eat at a restaurant, or play video games or board games.

*We both decided to leave pornography in January 2010 and at this same time BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) appeared in a dream to my girlfriend.

*1st time my girlfriend saw BVM in a dream and Mother Mary was wearing a robe with a veil and a crown. This dream took place in January 2010 which is 3 months before we met each other. My girlfriend saw me standing next to Mary and then Mary told my girlfriend that she had chosen both her and me as her “Most special spiritual daughter and son.” My girlfriend had never seen me before this dream happened. Mary also told my girlfriend my name and she saw that I was wearing a pink rosary which was given to me by my great aunt. Mary also told her my Great’s Aunt’s name. In closing the dream Mother Mary told my girlfriend the month, day, and year that my Great Aunt consecrated me to BVM at the age of 15.

*God gave both myself and my girlfriend the sanctifying grace to be honest and admit the guilt of our actions. We knew in our heart, mind, and soul that making pornographic movies was a wicked sin. Along with the reality of our sins we felt a compelling remorse of conscience guided by an invisible force that was moving us away from mortal sin and forward into the loving embrace of Jesus Christ. Because the divine mind of Almighty God understood that both of our personalities were soft and plyable therefore God could work with our human weaknesses as we strove to respond to his grace.

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