My most tangible proof for the existence of God (Reasonable evidence for the incarnation of the Divine person we know as Jesus Christ, the sanctifying graces that flow from the Paschal Mystery which began on Good Friday (His Life, Death, and Resurrection), along with the gift of the Holy Spirit.)

In this web-site I do my best to present empirical evidence for the existence of Almighty God. Later on I will mention some of my prophetic dreams as a way to touch your heart and connect with you. I should also let you know the dreams I share are considered “private revelations” which means they are a testimony about my walk with Jesus Christ. I share these dreams not to brag or glorify myself but to draw you closer to Jesus and increase your love for the Holy Scriptures.

You will see the first part of my site is dedicated to the sharing of objective, historical knowledge about God according to the Christian viewpoint, especially the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). I have placed this particular post at the top of my site because it is the best proof I have for the existence of God and his loving care for you and me as individual people. The majority of my supernatural contact with God has occurred in dreams whereas in this post I share an experience that happened to me while I was in my conscious, waking state of life. I will now describe this experience which had its beginnings in 1998 and came to fulfillment by the year 2010.

In September 1998 on a Sunday evening after Mass I spoke with my priest at the time whose name was John. I was 15 years old and had been attending private Catholic school. I went with John into his office because he said that God had spoken to him about me although he did not specify how (dream, vision, locution, etc.) I was not sure what this meant but I followed him into his office. We sat across from each other and Father John told me that God had spoken to him (Prophecy) about 3 specific things would happen to me in my future. Those 3 things are the following:  

#1 – God would show me a Theophany (from the Greek word theophaneia, which means “appearance of God”), manifestation of deity in sensible form.)

#2 – It would occur on a Good Friday.

#3 – I would meet a new woman at the same time the theophany would take place.

I accepted what Father John told me and held it in my heart from that point forward wondering how and when his words would be revealed as Truth. Over a decade had passed since that cool September night in 1998 and I was now living in California with my Aunt and the year was 2010. I attended both Roman Catholic and Protestant (mainly Pentecostal) churches and met many new people.  Along this path I met a group of strong, like-minded Christians that desired to help women and men leave the pornographic industry, stripping, and the sex industry. In late-March 2010 it was the beginning of Holy Week in which Christians celebrate the Paschal Mystery. This Mystery of Faith reveals the life, death, and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Little did I know that Good Friday in 2010 is when the prophesied theophany would come to fulfillment.

On Good Friday afternoon in April 2010 in Bakersfield, California we gathered at the house of one of the Pentecostal church members. It was there I met a nice young woman who was African-American and had recently left the pornographic industry. As mentioned in my Bio. post above I had also been involved in pornography. Therefore, we both shared a common bond of experiencing a brief phase of lust which passed and we now had moved forward towards God and his grace and away from the Devil and his sin. She also had a history of sexual abuse which I can identify with because I have experienced those same sorrows in my life as well as I shared earlier in the web-site. During her 2 years in pornography this abuse sadly continued and took the forms of sexual violence, minimal drug and alcohol use, and other unfortunate circumstances. It was the culmination of all those negative experiences and her desire for true, spiritual love that compelled her to find the Blessed way back to God.

As we got to know each other I felt a magical and instant connection with her so we clicked well from the start. Her and I spent time getting to know each other at the house for several hours before heading to the Roman Catholic Mass at the nearby Church. The African-American female and myself had been raised Roman Catholic along with 2 other people in the group. Though the rest of the group was raised and practicing Protestant they respected us and were interested in experiencing a Good Friday service at an RCC.

The girl and I got into one car and the rest of the group got into another car as we headed for the Church. Before we went to sit in the pews of the church we stopped at the bank which was nearby because I had a savings bond I needed to cash. As we stopped at the bank I cashed the savings bond and received $98 along with some change which was put in a sealed envelope. This may sound trivial now but it will show to be part of the theophany which will be revealed in a few hours. We then headed back to the RCC and I sat in the front pew next to the young lady I had just met. The Mass went a little more than 1 hour and we all gathered in the car and headed back to the house to eat and fellowship.

After we shared a meal we hung out and watched an old episode of Bishop Fulton Sheen in the living room. As the episode came to an end I took out the envelope with the dollar bills inside and took out the bills to count my money. The first bill was a $20 that I looked at the front and the back and it was a normal bill. The second bill was a $20 that looked normal on the front with President Jefferson and I turned the bill over and saw something very unusual. The back of the second bill on the top white ribbon part of bill read “God Is With You” and was written in bold, blue ink. I now looked at the third $20 bill and written on the bill to the left of President Jefferson’s face was the word written in blue pen “John”. I was immediately taken a back and had to look again …. Actually, several more times to confirm just what I had seen. What I had seen is the theophany predicted by the priest named John in September 1998. If you cannot follow me exactly I will review below.

*September 1998 – Theophany Predicted/Prophesyed which involved 3 separate things (Theophany, Good Friday, A new woman involved) as described above.*

*April 2010 – Theophany Fulfilled by 3 separate, yet connected events (Writing on $20 bills the words “God Is With You” and the name “John”, which happened on Good Friday, and a new woman was involved).*

It is also important to note when this prophesied event occurred which was on the 3 holiest days of the Christian calendar that being Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Although I had been to church (both Catholic and Protestant) often as a child and teenager I had never taken the time to whole-heartedly pray and discern what God wanted me to do with my life. However because of this theophany on Good Friday 2010 I really began to understand the power of the Divine God and that I must submit my life to serving him, sharing my testimony, and sowing his love in the lives of other people. This service of love to God was shown through private prayer, bible reading and study in groups, praying the rosary and devotions, along with activism on college campus concerning the issues of anti-pornography and pro-life. Every person who believes in God arrives at a time and season in their life when they truly convert their heart to the love and service of God. Good Friday 2010 was the starting point for me because of how incredible the theophany was then and still is today as it remains forever fresh in my mind.

Considering all this now in the year 2022 and it makes me pause and reflect. God is a VERY DEEP AND BIG subject and I do my best to keep Faith in those revealed mysteries. What a blessing to know that God may truly exist and we can have a home with him in Heaven for all Eternity which is the Ultimate goal of our lives.


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