An odd dream from 2013 (Reasonable evidence for the existence of God, The Creator and his knowledge of all human events past, present, and future.)

I had this dream in late-October 2013. This particular dream began with me standing on flat-ground staring out into the distance. Pitch-blackness surrounded me and I felt there was an atmosphere of general fear, anxiety, and panic all around the world. In the dream I felt these stressors would pass and that what I was feeling myself in the dream is what those in the world would later feel.

I also had in my mind that whatever would bring about this worldwide change would begin in October, November, or December 2019. This change on earth was due to some kind of calamity on the earth which affected daily lives of the citizens of all countries on planet earth. I felt the change involved a large scale war, a global financial disaster, or a health-related crisis.

I felt the presence of a strong, male-spirit to my left side. I was very apprehensive about what I was feeling and thinking in the dream. This led me to ask this male-spirit a question. I said to this spirit “What year is it?” to which the spirit responded and said what sounded like “Co-vid 2019”.

For those whom think I may be outright-lying or spurious in sharing this dream should know that I privately told several people (My girlfriend and 1 of my Traditional Catholic Bishop friends) in 2014 about this dream. In mid-2015 I published the “2019” dream on my website and shared the website with many people. Back then, I did not say anything about the “Co-vid” part of the dream. Why ? Because I was not 100% sure if the dream was from God and in a human way of reasoning it sounded crazy to me because I had no idea what “Co-vid 19” was !!

It is obvious to me now in 2022 that the voice was speaking to me about the global health crisis we all experienced in 2019 and 2020. I assume only God has such knowledge of the future and therefore this male voice which has spoken to me several times over the last 2 decades is actually God. Every time this male voice has spoken to me it reveals to me the future events. Whether those events be micro (my own personal life) or macro (authentic world events).

This dream along with the rest of the content on my web-site is meant to glorify God and not myself. I also want to provide evidence for those who do believe in God to prompt them to confidently share the love of God and their testimony with other people. There is no reason to fear or be ashamed because the same God who has spoken to me is the same God who has chosen his elect children out of the world. The fact that he chose us also confirms the everlasting love he has for us and the precious reward of eternal salvation that is awaiting us in Heaven.


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