A dream about a Russian Submarine

I have had 2 dreams where I have seen major events that happen in the world. The 1st was the Co-Vid 19 dream which I posted earlier on the web-site while the other is the dream that I will mention in this post. I guess there could be no God so the dreams would then rightly originate from my own psychic power. Or, there really is a God and this divine spirit we humans call God is really communicating with me.

The God I choose to believe in is named “The Holy Trinity” which is known to Christians as the God of both the Old + New Testament. This dream involved a Russian Submarine that was on a top-secret mission in the summer of 2019.

Dream – In May 2019 I had this dream. In the dream I saw a Russian submarine hurtling and flip-flopping. It was dangerously out of control and moving wildly. As the sub approached a large set of power cables/lines it struck the power lines. While I expected a terrible catastrophe to occur such as a fire or explosion it did not. Then, I woke-up from the dream.

During the dream I was thinking in my mind that what I was seeing was something known only to the Russian government like a secret mission. I also felt that a terrible disaster was averted despite the sub crashing into a large series of power cables/lines.

Fulfillment of Dream – 2 months passed after I had the dream and I wondered if it would come to pass. Then one morning in July I woke-up as usual and went about my daily duties. Around 2pm I checked on You Tube for the channel named “Tru News”. The main topic that day was the explosion of a Russian submarine that was embarked upon a top-secret mission.

Please see Link below for further details:


That day there was the accident of a Russian submarine that was on a top-secret mission. The accident involved power cables/lines and because of the selfless actions of several Russian crew-men a potential world-wide catastrophe was averted. These real-life events match perfectly with the details God showed me in the dream.

As James 4:14 states “Whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow.” Time is a gift that is as important as God himself. I Thank God that he has sent his Holy Spirit to teach us, guide us, comfort us, remind us and prepare us for the terrible voyage of this life.

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