**The 3 Main Goals of my Web-site**

#1 – Too help you see and understand a glimpse of God in this life so that you may strive to perfect your soul here-and-now. This will prepare you to leave this life in God’s grace and enter the eternal life of Heaven where you will see God 100% in the Beatific Vision.

#2 – We have all suffered in our life here on earth and carry heavy burdens that afflict us and cause sorrow as we cry out for justice. Since I believe God has given me definitive proofs of his existence and this evidence is shown by the connection between prophecy and suffering. Therefore, I feel that I owe it to people to relieve their earthly pains with a gentle touch of God’s Holy Spirit.

#3 – Too present as much EVIDENCE as I possibly can to prove the existence of the Invisible Friend also known as the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. The evidence I present is meant only to glorify Jesus Christ and not myself. What you read in my web-site is known as Christian mysticism in our earthly life and most accurately known as the Beatific Vision of Almighty God in the next life.

**My Favorite Spiritual Reminder**

From The Angelus Prayer: “The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived by the Holy Spirit.”

Before you begin the adventure of travailing the pages of my website I feel it necessary to add a *Disclaimer*. You deserve to understand my motives with regards to why I chose to share the information contained within my Web-Site. I believe every person deserves to share their thoughts and be respected as we mature into adulthood.

It is also necessary to mention that I do not approach the revealed mind of Almighty God from a viewpoint of: Catholic vs Protestant; Muslim vs Jew; Atheist vs Sikh; etc; etc. I approach my life in this world knowing that my main enemy is myself and my sins. As adults we have the freedom to make choices about our religious beliefs with regards to the invisible world of Spirit.

I am not God and do not proclaim that I speak on behalf of God. Whatever God thinks of me is what he thinks. I simply do my best to live life and share love with others. Not in a “free-love, hippie” sort of fleshy way. But rather, a solid spiritual relationship built upon Faith and Morals.

I know Almighty God expects me to use the knowledge he has graced me with and share with others. In the same way God requires me to receive spiritual insight from fellow brothers and sisters of Faith. I do not consider growth in a person’s chosen spiritual life to be a “Competition”. I accept people for who they are and respect their beliefs. I feel the most appropriate tool that I have to use in this Terrible Vogaye of Life to educate Souls is my web-site. Get ready to enter the Twilight Zone. : )

And btw, if after your sojourn through my web-site you would like to get in touch with me please feel free to e-mail at this address:


Human life is a war between God’s Divine Truth, Mind, and Will VS Perverted human beings Vain Lies, Delusions, and Plots. As an adult we consciously choose whose side we are on: Either Almighty God’s Side or Man’s Side. There is no other choice as important as this choice because it will ultimately determine where we spend Eternity: In Heaven or Hell.

This Eternal Choice we make is influenced by our own personal strengths and weaknesses. There is also the guidance and inspiration of The Holy Ghost/Spirit to guide and strengthen this process. As well, we attain to further Faith in God when God chooses to share pieces of his Divine Mind (His Will and Plan) with us.

Our choice is thus:

We side with God’s Sanity and Purity (Aka: God, The Creators’ Supernatural Dogmas of revealed Faith and Moral Rules.)


We choose Humanitys Insanity and Incest Psychosis (Best exemplified by Sigmund Freud who famously said: “My true enemy is the Roman Catholic Church.”) Not the RCC as regards to a “physical building”. But rather the Supernatural Dogmas of The RCC Before the Disaster of Vatican 2.

We should not get caught up in the word: “Catholic” because all the word means is “Universal”. For example, water is “Catholic”, … the atmosphere is “Catholic”, … etc …, etc. Let us try to focus our intellect/mind on the content I share in the web-site without to much partiality.

The Main Dogma/Truth which all Christians cling to Faith in is The Revealed Truth of The Holy Trinity. We may reasonably assume this was the main enemy Freud felt confronted with. Interestingly, the preface to The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima is public and says: “In Portugal, the Dogma of Faith (The Holy Trinity) will Always Be Preserved ….” I will share more of my thoughts about this in another post.

For all good-willed people of any Faith it is very important for those who seek growth in the spiritual life to foster true devotion to The Virgin Mary. This does not mean to worship her: ABSOLUTELY NOT. It means to imitate and cultivate her virtues as the best example we have of a person whom truly loves Jesus Christ.

A question a person may ask themselves if they choose to read through the entirety of my web-site is this: Why am I sharing some “personal things” on my website? I feel it is much more accurate to say that I am sharing the obvious about human nature and our daily struggles with the darkness of temptations we all face each day as adults.

I have found some people become very angry when they either read my web-site, or hear about it from other people. And even worse there are people who will actively waste their lives on earth trying to destroy those who search for spiritual truth and want to go to Heaven.

It is not my intention to proclaim that my words will allow you to see God like you see your right hand …. No. My desire is to communicate spiritual love and plant positive seeds for the future. Adults can and will choose to believe what they want – I am merely sharing information.


Since 1960 and the Council of Apostasy known as Vatican 2 society has vastly changed for the worse. This happened because God allowed sanctifying grace to be removed from the majority of humanity. It is not that God wanted to do this but he allowed these things to happen in fulfillment of prophecy. The culmination of these historical, Prophetic Events are said to eventually bring about The Great Apostasy, The public appearances of both The Anti-Christ and False Prophet, and The Literal, Actual End of The World and Beginning of Eternity.

As adults we are free to make our own decisions about God, Atheism, Agnosticism, and so forth. I accept everyone for who they are and respect them as a fellow human being. Since I feel I have something beneficial to say I created this web-site. If God does truly does exist then I do my best to serve him and submit my little human life to his divine and creative plan. If you choose to read through my web-site I hope you glean some gems of spiritual wisdom from within its pages.


My experience and my girlfriend’s experience while being involved in pornography.

*I will outline the details of my girlfriend’s and mine experience while being in pornography.

*My girlfriend was in pornography 3 years (2007 through 2009) and I was in pornography for 2 years (2008 and 2009).

*Me and my girlfriend met in April 2010 and dated from 2010 until 2012. We still keep in contact daily via text or phone call.

*Her and I have a 12 year old daughter who has also had several prophetic dreams so far in her young life.

*My girlfriend moved from Louisiana to California to try and act in t.v. shows or movies. Although she got some small parts she never made it big. From there she began nude modeling which led to her then acting in pornographic films.

*I moved from Pennsylvaina to California to live with my Aunt and begin community college. It was at college that I met people who were in the pornographic industry and then decided to participate in pornography.

*We never met each other during this time.

*My girlfriend made 35-40 movies and I made 20-25 movies.

*The various fantasy’s my girlfriend was involved in were:

*Group of guys and my girlfriend or Group of guys and my girlfriend and 1 friend. Largest group scene she ever did was 8 guys vs her.

*Group of girls (My girlfriend being 1) and 1 or 2 guys.

*1 guy and 1 girl (My girlfriend).

*Older guy and girl (My girlfriend).

*The fantasy’s I was a part of included:

*Group of guys (with myself) and 1 girl or Group of guys (with myself) and 2 girls. I was always selected the leader by the women because they trusted me. The women I made porn movies with were all friends of mine and they considered me to be both their Spiritual Father and Spiritual Mother, as well as a living Roman-Catholic Saint. I pointed them instead to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I know this sounds twisted to say but this is how these females felt about me so I made sure to protect them as best I could. As you read through the rest of my web-site you will come to understand why my female friends in pornography held me in such high esteem. I also wrote templates to use for the different porn scene fantasies. The templates consisted of a title part, length of movie, what scenes will take place, how long will each scene be, how many men/women will be involved in each scene and what position will the men’s/women’s body be in during the porn scene.

*The largest scene we ever did was 10 guys and 1 girl. The woman who did this scene with us was a close friend of mine. The scenes appeared aggressive, rough, and violent but were in fact role-playing. In this scene it began with me putting her in a headlock and slapping her face. I also pulled her hair and pushed her down and we then began to have sex. Actually, we both began to smile and laugh because we knew what we were doing was a fantasy and naked Hollywood.

*Her and I made an agreement that if she did the fantasy of being submissive to a group of guy’s that I would be in a porn movie with her and her female friends where they would dominate me. We followed through on this and made both porn movies. Just like I took control of her in the movie where she was submissive, she took control of me in the other movie where the women were even more dominate with me than I was to them.

*Group of girls and 1 or 2 guys (1 was myself). The scenes appeared aggressive, rough, and violent but were in fact role-playing. In this porn movie the women was dominant while the man (myself) was submissive. The biggest scene we did was 5 women (2 Black, 1 White, 1 Hispanic and 1 Asian) vs G. In this scene I had a large mohawk and it began with the same woman from the other porn movie having me in a headlock while another woman (black female) grabbing my hair. The shoved me down and one sat on my face and another straddled herself on me.

*1 guy (myself) and 1 girl.

*Older woman and guy (myself).

*Lesbians and guy (myself).

*My girlfriend made around 40,000$ along with receiving money for an apartment, car, jewelry and make-up. Most she made in 1 movie was 2,500$

*I never made much overall. Some movies received Zero $ and most from 1 movie was 500$.

*Was just a brief period of lust and we were never malicious towards anyone.

*All the people we did porn movies with were our friends and we did not associate with nasty people.

*After making the porn movies we would do things such as go to the beach and make sand castles, surf, play volleyball and badminton and just lounge around and watch the sunset. We also would smoke marijuana or drink at friends house, go for a walk or eat at a restaurant, or play video games or board games.

*We both decided to leave pornography in January 2010 and at this same time BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) appeared in a dream to my girlfriend.

*1st time my girlfriend saw BVM in a dream and Mother Mary was wearing a robe with a veil and a crown. This dream took place in January 2010 which is 3 months before we met each other. My girlfriend saw me standing next to Mary and then Mary told my girlfriend that she had chosen both her and me as her “Most special spiritual daughter and son.” My girlfriend had never seen me before this dream happened. Mary also told my girlfriend my name and she saw that I was wearing a pink rosary which was given to me by my great aunt. Mary also told her my Great’s Aunt’s name. In closing the dream Mother Mary told my girlfriend the month, day, and year that my Great Aunt consecrated me to BVM at the age of 15.

*God gave both myself and my girlfriend the sanctifying grace to be honest and admit the guilt of our actions. We knew in our heart, mind, and soul that making pornographic movies was a wicked sin. Along with the reality of our sins we felt a compelling remorse of conscience guided by an invisible force that was moving us away from mortal sin and forward into the loving embrace of Jesus Christ. Because the divine mind of Almighty God understood that both of our personalities were soft and plyable therefore God could work with our human weaknesses as we strove to respond to his grace.


My most tangible proof for the existence of God (Reasonable evidence for the incarnation of the Divine person we know as Jesus Christ, the sanctifying graces that flow from the Paschal Mystery which began on Good Friday (His Life, Death, and Resurrection), along with the gift of the Holy Spirit.)

In this web-site I do my best to present empirical evidence for the existence of Almighty God. Later on I will mention some of my prophetic dreams as a way to touch your heart and connect with you. I should also let you know the dreams I share are considered “private revelations” which means they are a testimony about my walk with Jesus Christ. I share these dreams not to brag or glorify myself but to draw you closer to Jesus and increase your love for the Holy Scriptures.

You will see the first part of my site is dedicated to the sharing of objective, historical knowledge about God according to the Christian viewpoint, especially the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). I have placed this particular post at the top of my site because it is the best proof I have for the existence of God and his loving care for you and me as individual people. The majority of my supernatural contact with God has occurred in dreams whereas in this post I share an experience that happened to me while I was in my conscious, waking state of life. I will now describe this experience which had its beginnings in 1998 and came to fulfillment by the year 2010.

In September 1998 on a Sunday evening after Mass I spoke with my priest at the time whose name was John. I was 15 years old and had been attending private Catholic school. I went with John into his office because he said that God had spoken to him about me although he did not specify how (dream, vision, locution, etc.) I was not sure what this meant but I followed him into his office. We sat across from each other and Father John told me that God had spoken to him (Prophecy) about 3 specific things would happen to me in my future. Those 3 things are the following:  

#1 – God would show me a Theophany (from the Greek word theophaneia, which means “appearance of God”), manifestation of deity in sensible form.)

#2 – It would occur on a Good Friday.

#3 – I would meet a new woman at the same time the theophany would take place.

I accepted what Father John told me and held it in my heart from that point forward wondering how and when his words would be revealed as Truth. Over a decade had passed since that cool September night in 1998 and I was now living in California with my Aunt and the year was 2010. I attended both Roman Catholic and Protestant (mainly Pentecostal) churches and met many new people.  Along this path I met a group of strong, like-minded Christians that desired to help women and men leave the pornographic industry, stripping, and the sex industry. In late-March 2010 it was the beginning of Holy Week in which Christians celebrate the Paschal Mystery. This Mystery of Faith reveals the life, death, and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Little did I know that Good Friday in 2010 is when the prophesied theophany would come to fulfillment.

On Good Friday afternoon in April 2010 in Bakersfield, California we gathered at the house of one of the Pentecostal church members. It was there I met a nice young woman who was African-American and had recently left the pornographic industry. As mentioned in my Bio. post above I had also been involved in pornography. Therefore, we both shared a common bond of experiencing a brief phase of lust which passed and we now had moved forward towards God and his grace and away from the Devil and his sin. She also had a history of sexual abuse which I can identify with because I have experienced those same sorrows in my life as well as I shared earlier in the web-site. During her 2 years in pornography this abuse sadly continued and took the forms of sexual violence, minimal drug and alcohol use, and other unfortunate circumstances. It was the culmination of all those negative experiences and her desire for true, spiritual love that compelled her to find the Blessed way back to God.

As we got to know each other I felt a magical and instant connection with her so we clicked well from the start. Her and I spent time getting to know each other at the house for several hours before heading to the Roman Catholic Mass at the nearby Church. The African-American female and myself had been raised Roman Catholic along with 2 other people in the group. Though the rest of the group was raised and practicing Protestant they respected us and were interested in experiencing a Good Friday service at an RCC.

The girl and I got into one car and the rest of the group got into another car as we headed for the Church. Before we went to sit in the pews of the church we stopped at the bank which was nearby because I had a savings bond I needed to cash. As we stopped at the bank I cashed the savings bond and received $98 along with some change which was put in a sealed envelope. This may sound trivial now but it will show to be part of the theophany which will be revealed in a few hours. We then headed back to the RCC and I sat in the front pew next to the young lady I had just met. The Mass went a little more than 1 hour and we all gathered in the car and headed back to the house to eat and fellowship.

After we shared a meal we hung out and watched an old episode of Bishop Fulton Sheen in the living room. As the episode came to an end I took out the envelope with the dollar bills inside and took out the bills to count my money. The first bill was a $20 that I looked at the front and the back and it was a normal bill. The second bill was a $20 that looked normal on the front with President Jefferson and I turned the bill over and saw something very unusual. The back of the second bill on the top white ribbon part of bill read “God Is With You” and was written in bold, blue ink. I now looked at the third $20 bill and written on the bill to the left of President Jefferson’s face was the word written in blue pen “John”. I was immediately taken a back and had to look again …. Actually, several more times to confirm just what I had seen. What I had seen is the theophany predicted by the priest named John in September 1998. If you cannot follow me exactly I will review below.

*September 1998 – Theophany Predicted/Prophesyed which involved 3 separate things (Theophany, Good Friday, A new woman involved) as described above.*

*April 2010 – Theophany Fulfilled by 3 separate, yet connected events (Writing on $20 bills the words “God Is With You” and the name “John”, which happened on Good Friday, and a new woman was involved).*

It is also important to note when this prophesied event occurred which was on the 3 holiest days of the Christian calendar that being Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Although I had been to church (both Catholic and Protestant) often as a child and teenager I had never taken the time to whole-heartedly pray and discern what God wanted me to do with my life. However because of this theophany on Good Friday 2010 I really began to understand the power of the Divine God and that I must submit my life to serving him, sharing my testimony, and sowing his love in the lives of other people. This service of love to God was shown through private prayer, bible reading and study in groups, praying the rosary and devotions, along with activism on college campus concerning the issues of anti-pornography and pro-life. Every person who believes in God arrives at a time and season in their life when they truly convert their heart to the love and service of God. Good Friday 2010 was the starting point for me because of how incredible the theophany was then and still is today as it remains forever fresh in my mind.

Considering all this now in the year 2022 and it makes me pause and reflect. God is a VERY DEEP AND BIG subject and I do my best to keep Faith in those revealed mysteries. What a blessing to know that God may truly exist and we can have a home with him in Heaven for all Eternity which is the Ultimate goal of our lives.


An introduction to myself, the Author of this web-site.


I wanted to share some details about myself to give you a better understanding of how my life experiences have formed me into the person that I am today. I hope that by sharing these deep, personal things each person who reads my web-site can understand that I am a regular person like everyone else. I just happen to have a very strong, direct, and unique connection to the spiritual world and the Divine being known as God. I realize this is a ballsy and weighty statement yet if you read through my web-site you will see I back it up with reasonable and valid evidence.

I am going to cover necessary details of each year of my life going forward beginning from age 8 up through today. I will share some of the most important prophetic dreams I have had in the posts below as you read. I reckon I have experienced around 200 dreams regarding the future and these dreams are a guiding light from the Holy Spirit to help myself and other people. I am sharing this depth of personal things is to help every person who reads my web-site realize that God wants to forgive us, heal us, prepare and equip us to live a life of selfless and loving service to other people. After all, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

Essential facts about our human life:

God has revealed attributes that we can fathom in our own little human way. God has feelings, a mind, a will, plans, rules, and other attributes. We could look at our knowledge and experience of God in our human existence in time and space as such:

*We are born during a certain time in human history.

*We have specific strengths and weaknesses.

*We each have our own life experiences.

*We are each born into different cultures and situations.

*We have reality, both natural and supernatural, presented to our conscious mind while we live on Earth in time and space.

*We will all die and enter into the spiritual world. Now, whether or not we are reincarnated, our consciousness is annihilated, or we are indeed judged and sent to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory (for a while then on-ward to Heaven thereafter) remains speculative in the human order while we are yet alive in this world.

The cirumstances of my Conception, Birth and Adoption

I never met my biological mother or father and was given to a chosen family to be raised. My adopted mom told me the following details of my life as she came to know them from my biological mother. There was also a letter written by my biological mother that reveals some of the details of my conception and birth. Let me now begin to explain: My birth mother was an escort on the East Coast and she was payed to have sexual relations with wealthy people. She became pregnant and was planning to have an abortion. However, one night she had a dream where a male voice told her to go Confession at a particular Roman-Catholic Church. My biological mother was rasied Catholic and she believed in God and understood the value of confession.

She wrote down the dream and gave the paper to the woman who would raise me as I will explain below. I still have the piece of paper on which she wrote the dream. When she went to the church later that week she met a woman who was also there for confession. This woman would later become my adopted mom who would raise me in the family I grew up in. My biological mother grew into a close relationship with the woman whom she would give me to after my birth. Shortly after this my biological mother gave birth to me and gave me to my adopted mom to be raised in that family. While my biological mother initially agreeded to remain in my life as I grew up she decided to disappear from my life only 3 months after my birth. As I grew up I continued to be raised by the family I was given to which was comprised of a mother and father both of which are white-European. My parents never had children so I did not have siblings but I did grow up being very close with my cousins.

It is also worth noting that my adopted mother told many lies to me about myself and also told lies about me to other people. Those lies influenced me to hide my true self from people and cast a dark shadow of general mistrust towards people I would meet. With the help of God I was able to break this curse, accept my life in this world, move forward in God’s will and plant seeds in the hearts of other people to grow God’s Kingdom.

The family I was raised in had problems and generational curses as do all human families due to the affects of original sin. Examples of this are that the mom who raised me had an older female cousin who was sexually assaulted and murdered in the late-1970’s mainly because she was a stripper and involved with immoral and unscrupulous people. The dad who raised me was conceived by brother-sister incest sexual relations (older sister and younger brother). He is not mentally retarded or an invalid but rather invested his money wisely, became well educated, and has a career that allows him to earn an upper-middle class income. I have also bought 1/4 lb. of potent marijuana and would sell 1 oz. of the marijuana to my mom or dad and I did smoke marijuana with them from time-to-time as well. I reveal these facts to confirm the reality that I have been around the block therefore nothing angers or surprises me. As we age it is necessary to acknowledge the gravity of sin and how Jesus Christ requires us to fight temptations and strive for perfection to attain Heavenly bliss.

Age 8 – Porn

*My first exposure to pornography when I saw a Hustler magazine with some older neighborhood boys.

*I also began to steal my Dad’s Playboy magazines and view them in our small upstairs attic.

*This is the 1st time I saw a nude black woman.

Ages 9-10 – Molestation – Round 1

*I was molested starting now from ages 9-10 by 3 older male cousins.

*I also began to do sexual things with my 2 younger female cousins. 1 of them was 1 year younger while the other was 3 years younger than me. The sexual interaction between me and my 2 cousins lasted from the ages of 9-13.

Ages 11-13 – Mommy Issues – Round 2

*This is when the emotional and sexual abuse began with my adopted mother. It began with her sun-taning nude in our backyard and she would lay on her chest with her naked buttocks exposed to me. She would have me spray her with cold water. This caused me to feel lust towards her which prompted me to massage her back, buttocks, and legs. I would also wash dishes in the kitchen where I had a view of her sun-taning and would masturbate as I looked at her partially nude body.

*My Dad had left the state to work and this left my mom and myself alone at house. During this time I would sleep in their bed with her and we would do sexual things. The sins we committed included french kissing, masturbating each other, performing oral sex on each other, kissing and fondling her breasts, and grinding on each other with mostly nude bodies. Even worse was the fact that sometimes when my mom and I would do sexual things she would set a camcorder on a tripod and video tape us committing sexual sins.

*It was at this same time I told my female cousin who was 1 year younger than me that the sexual sins we were committing must stop. She became kinda upset at me and did not speak with me much after this until I was 18 years old and she was 17.

*The sexual sins with this younger cousin brought about the 1st strong moment of grace I felt from God in my human conscience. This happened when me and my cousin were French kissing and she wanted me to have sex with her. I did not have sex with her but instead was dry humping her and ejaculated into my pants. The moment is just as fresh in my mind today as it was over 20 years ago.

Ages 14-15 – My Great Aunt, Private Catholic School, Theophany and Sports

*When my dad returned home from his job in Texas he and my mom began to have marriage difficulties. When I was a child my dad had sex with my mom’s older sister (the aunt who molested me) which then led my mom to seek revenge by having sex with both my dad’s older brother (same mom, different dad as noted above) and the father who raised him. These sins along with several years being apart prompted a mid-life crisis wherein they both said and did things they normally would not have due to the stress and unforgiveness they carried in their heart and soul.

*The return home by my Dad put an end to her and mine sexual relationship. However, the sexual abuse I came to experience now took a new turn in the road. I drank alcohol (Franzia cheap wine and strong Margarita’s) with both my mom and aunt (her older sister) when I was 14. During these times both my mom and aunt would molest me by groping on me and french kissing me. As well, there were 2 occasions when both my mother and aunt gave me a blowjob.

I don’t want to paint my adopted mom in such a bad light as I was also responsible for the sexual things that went on between us. I say this because several times my mom asked me if we should stop doing those sexual things to which I responded “No, because I like it.” I even went so far to buy a ring to give my mom as though her and I were actually married. As twisted as this may sound as a young teenager I was actually in love with my adopted mom. This sin of lust we both felt should have never happened although as I grow older I am very glad it did happen because it has formed me to be a much better man.

*This was the proverbial straw which broke the camels back and forced me to call my great aunt (mom’s side) and let her know what was going on and that I needed her help. She believed me and said she would arrange it so I may leave the house where I was living with my dad and mom so I may live with her and her family. This ended up working out as I was allowed to move away from my parents when I turned 15 years old. Once I moved I attended private Catholic school for my 10th-12th grades. My Great Aunt is a very devoted and serious RC (Roman Catholic) so she would take care to help me have a positive home life and environment during my teenage years.

*My 1st prophetic dream would now happen @ the age of 15.

*Dream – I was in the car with my Great Aunt and it was snowy on the roads. As we drove around a corner the car slid into a ditch about 1 mile from our house. We were not hurt as the accident occurred at a low speed and was very mild. This was the end of the dream and I woke up.

*Fulfillment of Dream – That next morning I woke up, ate, and got in the van with my Great Aunt to head towards the school. It was a snowy morning and we had drove about 1 mile from our house when the van skid and went into a ditch. This is the same thing that happened in the dream. Also, the area we slid into that morning was the exact same spot I had seen in the dream the night before. There was another driver on the road who stopped to help. They looked to be a few years older than me but attended the same school nearby so my Great Aunt asked if they could bring me to school and they said “Yes” so I went to the school with them.

*This dream did not feel strange or uncomfortable and I actually thought it was pretty cool. I did not tell anyone about it for a while and carried on with my teenage life.

*I now began high school at the private Catholic school near my great aunt’s house. I was a very good athlete and played baseball and football. In baseball I played SS and in football I played WR. I felt this was a positive change for my moral, spiritual, and intellectual life.

*I lifted weights and had a nice lean, athletic build. I stood 5′ 7″ and weighed 140 pounds.

*I attended Mass with my Great Aunt and her family on the weekend. I would also accompany my Great Aunt when she brought holy communion to people in the nursing homes and their houses. We would pray the rosary together and other prayers. It was also at this time my Great Aunt consecrated me to BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) and told me specifically that BVM would watch over me and protect me.

*However, the most convincing proof I have for the existence of Almighty God was introduced to me when I was 15. This was not in a dream/night vision but was during my conscious, waking life. This particular event includes many complicated factors such as the human free-will actions of myself and others, physical distance such as where I would be living at the time of fulfillment, along with the time on the Christian calendar (Easter) this Theophany would occur. I give full details about this Theophany in another web-site post below with the image of a $20 bill.

Ages 16-17 – Almighty God’s voice and Young Lusts

*I had this dream when I was 16 years old and had begun to have sex with older African-American women. The setting of the dream was pitch-black darkness. I felt the presence of a large male-spirit about 40 feet behind me and slightly to my left. While directly to my left at about 50 feet away I saw 2 very dark colored spirits. 1 of the spirits looked like a demon with small horns, jagged teeth, and an ugly face. The image next to this demon was taller and had a larger body. I could not clearly see any definite features of this dark-spirit but it was a glowing, silver and glossy black image that shimmered and shined.

*The Devil image spoke to me as said “I came to kill you.” He then laughed at me but I was not afraid of either evil spirit. Then, the male-spirit spoke to me the 1st time and said “Help me get revenge on the Devil …. and feed my sheep.” I woke up from this dream and went about my teenage life not yet fathoming its real significance. This dream has stuck with me over the decades as a reminder to the truth of Jesus Christ’s words about the eternal power of his teaching of grace and truth in contrast to the Devil’s teaching of sin and lies.

*2 weekends a month I would remain with my Great Aunt’s family and attend Confession, Mass, and Communion. During these weekends I kept myself mostly free from mortal/serious sin.

*The other 2 weekends I would spend Friday night through Sunday afternoon with my older female cousin (Great Aunt’s oldest child) at Ithaca College and Cornell University. My cousin had African-American (AA) friends who were sorority sisters at Cornell. We would attend parties where I drank alcohol and smoked marijuana. I also engaged in sex with my older female cousin and some of the older AA sorority sisters. I preferred AA women because they were more vocal, aggressive, had black skin and juicy lips. I also was fulfilling my lust fantasy which began at the age of 8 when I first saw black women in old Playboy magazines.

*While I attended parties from the ages of 16-17 at Cornell I met an older black female that would mess with my feelings and heart. The first time I saw her at the sorority she was wearing sweatpants and this is how I most remember her. I ended up having sex with both her and her biological mother many times.

*I came to realize this young woman was very devious, manipulative, and scandalous. It was because of this that our relationship eventually ended with heartache for me and a narcissistic, prideful happiness for her. She was playing me all along as I only saw her 4 days a month which was on the weekends. During the days I did not see her she was messing around with other guys. My older female cousin who attended Ithaca College at the time told me that on a weekend I was playing in a baseball tourney that the sweatpants girl had cheated on me when she chose to have sex with a group of guys (from what my cousin told me around 12 guys !!) at a party. Apparently this was not the first time she had cheated on me and being that she was my first love I was very heart-broken. Once I admitted this situation to myself I became very emotionally upset, even somewhat suicidal.

*I waited some time before I told my Great Aunt about my sins but I eventually did and was glad to unburden myself. After I graduated from the private Catholic High School I no longer attended parties at Ithaca College or Cornell University.

*Although I will say that I would never, ever actually cut myself or attempt suicide because of both my fear of God and love for God. The situation with this woman led me to speak to a counselor who prescribed for me 50 mg of Zoloft to begin taking immediately. I spoke with the counselor about the situation with the older black female and how I was feeling very depressed. For my own good the counselor had me put in the inpatient mental health unit for about 1 week. After I was released from the hospital I soon thereafter graduated high school and played summer sports.

Ages 18-26 – Work, Dreams, Travel and Pornography

*I graduated from private Catholic high school and dated the mother of the sweatpants girl from Cornell whom I mentioned above for about 15 months. I also lived with her during this time and worked doing roofing and cement jobs with friends. She was 46 and I was 19 years old so we had both an age and life experience gap which led to our relationship ending. After our relationship ended I lived with friends and worked but did not have any romantic relationships. I smoked marijuana, cigarettes, and drank alcohol a moderate amount. At the age of 21 I had the prophetic dream that I will describe below.

*We do know from the Holy Bible that God uses dreams as one of his main ways to communicate his will for us as a guide upon the narrow way that leads to Eternal Life. An example of this can be seen in The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 1 and 2 and other places in God’s Holy Word.

*This particular dream involved my Great Aunt who truly respected and loved the Lord. I was close with her and we attended Church together every Sunday as a child. She had become stricken with cancer and was staying in a nursing home.

Dream – On a Sunday night, before I went to bed. I specifically prayed to the Holy Trinity to please let me know that my Great Aunt would be in Heaven whenever God decided it was time. I layed down and went to sleep. The dream God gave me felt like it lasted about seven seconds, when I had actually slept nine hours.

The dream began with me looking to my right. I saw my Aunt walking with her head bowed. I also noticed that someone or something had their left arm around my Aunt’s waist because I saw a glowing, white arm. The dream then transitioned to the center of my vision so I was able to get a clear look at what God was showing me.

As I looked straight-ahead, I saw my Aunt and her Guardian Angel walking towards me, both with their heads bowed. The glowing white arm that I had seen at the beginning of the dream was my Aunt’s Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel was glowing white, with wings and long, flowing hair. My Aunt stood 5’4”, while her Guardian Angel was probably 7’0”. Behind my Aunt and her Guardian Angel was pure darkness, behind me was pure light.

As they got closer to me, a male voice spoke two words: “It’s time”. I believe this was the voice of God. Why do I say this ? Because as a human being, I do not know what else to think. This male voice has spoken to me around 10 times throughout my life. The voice is always situated off to my left-side, and when the voice speaks, it reveals the future. Everything the voice has spoken has come to pass with 100% accuracy.

Fulfillment of Dream – Immediately after the male voice said: “It’s time”, I woke-up because the phone was ringing in my townhouse. I went into the kitchen to answer the phone and it was my grandma, who is my Great Aunt’s only living sibling who was calling me. I asked her what she was calling about and she said: “The nursing home just called me. Auntie just died.”

At the very moment my Great Aunt’s soul left her body, accompanied by her Guardian Angel to receive her personal judgment from Jesus Christ, God said: “It’s time”. When God said: “It’s time”, he meant that it was time for my Great Aunt to leave this physical world (Earth) and enter into the Spiritual World of Eternity. My Great Aunt was rewarded with Eternal Life because she lived out God’s Will.

*In the summer of 2007 I made the decision to return to college and made preparations to leave starting in Fall 2007. At that time I was living in Pennsylvania and decided that I needed a change so I had communicated with my Aunt Allison who lived in Orange County, California at the time. Her and I spoke on the phone and I agreeded to leave the East Coast for the West Coast after Christmas Day 2007. A good friend of mine who was in the military had always wanted to see California so he decided to make the long road trip with me. In early December 2007 I had a dream concerning some of the main points of what would happen during my time in California. I will now describe the dream:

Dream – This dream began with me at a college that I had never been to before and I was inside what appeared to be the student union building where students hang-out and do schoolwork. I was standing in a hallway with a male/female bathroom to my right side. I was talking to a woman who had strawberry blonde hair and appeared to be of Russian descent and I felt she had a name closely related to someone in the Bible. The conversation between me and the girl became somewhat energetic and she became upset at me and said out loud in the dream “Sophomore”.

The next part of the dream involved me sitting inside of what appeared to be a classroom or conference room. This room was at another college I had never been to before and there were other people in the room as well although I do not remember any of them in detail. I then saw a tall, slender built African-American man walk into the room who was dressed nicely and wearing the type of hat a golfer would wear. It felt like he was an activist of some kind at the college and that he was well respected by others.

In the next part of the dream I saw several school buildings on a college campus I had not yet visited. Along the sidewalk nearby one of the buildings I saw a group of women wearing graduation gowns that represented the colors black, white, and cardinal. I don’t specifically recall who the women were I just know they were college-aged students.

In the final part of the dream I saw a specific rug design that had a circular shape that was on the living room floor of a house. I had never seen that rug before nor had I ever been to that house. I was unsure who owned this house but felt that person was somehow connected to me. I did know the person I was meeting was an older woman.

Fulfillment of Dream – After arriving at my Aunt’s home in Costa Mesa, California in late-December 2007 I began college classes immediately in January 2008. I took classes at Orange Coast College in the spring and summer of 2008. By the end of summer semester I had earned enough credits to complete my freshman year and begin my sophomore year in Fall Semester which began in August 2008.

I began classes in August 2008 again at Orange Cost College in Costa Mesa. The first week of classes I attended a bible study on campus with the group Campus Crusade for Christ. When I walked into the college classroom being used for the Bible study I saw the woman with strawberry blonde hair that I had seen in the dream in December 2007. I did not tell any of the other Christian’s at the group, nor the blonde haired woman (Her name was Elizabeth) anything about the dream. I attended weekly bible studies with the group and also activities and events outside of the college gathering.

In October 2008 I was in the student union building with some friends and the young woman named Elizabeth was present. Her and I were talking about various issues and she became a bit upset at me. She then kinda told me off and that she was frustrated with me as she gave me a tough look. We were standing in the same hallway I had seen in my dream with a male/female bathroom to my right side. The friendship continued forward despite our disagreements regarding certain issues. I finished my 2009 school year out in May and continued to live with my Aunt Allison.

We need to fast forward now a bit to the summer of 2010. After spring semester ended in May 2009 I took 1 year off to pray and discern what was my next step forward in life. During this time I attended both Roman Catholic and Protestant (mainly Pentecostal and Lutheran) churches and met many new people. The next part of the dream involves me meeting a man at a California University in August 2010. In August 2010 I moved with my girlfriend at the time to attend this particular college. Her and I both wanted to do activism and produce positive change in the world.

In August there was a gathering of like-minded college aged students on campus. This gathering would include fellow students who are studying Psychology, Women’s Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and other areas of study. Me and my girlfriend attended the gathering which took place on a Saturday morning and afternoon. When we arrived on campus we found the building and went upstairs to the large conference room where the gathering was taking place. There were a total of about 30-40 students there (mostly female) along with 2 or 3 conference organizers.

Then a man walked in to the conference room and took a seat next to the other conference organizers. This man was the tall, slender built AA man I had seen in the dream. He was dressed nicely and wearing the type of hat a golfer would wear. He was one of the main activists at the University and was well respected by others. This man led and participated in the conversation during the conference as we all interacted with each other. My girlfriend and I would work closely with this man and fellow students for 1 year as we got our activism movement off the ground.

For the next part of the dream the buildings I saw were the financial aid and records building (to my left) along with a building of classrooms (to my right) on the University campus I would attend in California. The graduation gowns the female students were wearing displayed the colors which represent the colors of the University I was attending. This was a definitive sign to me from God that he directed my path to attend this particular University and specifically study curriculum which dealt first-hand with women’s issues.

For the last part of the dream this was fulfilled when I went to rent a place to live nea. I found a listing for a rental property on Craigslist and spoke with the woman on the phone. She invited me over to her house to talk about the rental I was interested in looking at to rent. I drove to her house, rang the doorbell, and made my way upstairs to meet and speak with her.

As I went to sit down with her in the kitchen I noticed to my right side the carpet in the living room had a specific design on it. I looked to my right and studied closely the design on the rug and it had the same markings I had seen in my dream. After these years had passed I don’t remember exactly how it looked but I know it matched. We spoke for about 1 hour and I ended up renting a townhouse from her where myself, my girlfriend, and 3 other friends lived for 1 year during college.

*It is also worth noting after moving to live with my Aunt in California I met a new group of people who were in the pornographic industry. I became close with them and decided that I would participate in the porn industry in the years 2008 and 2009 by having sex in porn movies. My decision to do this initially was based upon my human lust and to a lesser degree money. As I started having sex in porn movies I realized the women I was meeting needed guidance and protection so this aided my decision to remain in porn as well.

*Although I was not not mistreating any one nor being malicious during my foray into pornography in early-2010 my conscience began to persistently bother me. I understood that what I was doing was committing sin and living a lifestyle that was evil and morally wrong. I went to confession in January 2010 and actually lied to the priest 3 consecutive weeks by telling him I was never in a porn movie. Around this same time I reached out to a Christian group that was helping people leave the porn and sex industry. It was a few months later when I first met with this group in person and came to know a young African-American woman who had also been involved in pornography and would later become my girlfriend.

Age 27 – University – Year 1

*My girlfriend, myself, and other people
on campus did 1 main event per semester that dealt with 2 issues:

Anti-pornography and Pro-Life.

*We had women who had left the pornographic industry testify to their experiences in porn and this struggles with mental health, drugs, alcohol, and other stressors brought about because of their time spent in the porn industry.

*During my 2 years at University I would smoke marijuana several times a week, drink alcohol may be 1 day each week but just to get a buzz, not drunk. I also tried cocaine 3 times, LSD 3 times, magic mushrooms 3 times, mescaline 1 time and smoked opium rocks mixed with marijuana around 15 times.

*It was also during this time I was given 2 separate sets of prophetic dreams that bear significant spiritual fruit. I will detail in full both of those sets of prophetic dreams below. I will start with set # 1.

Dream – I had this dream in August 2010 – A young Mexican woman appeared to me in a dream at the townhouse we had just rented and told me what happened to her in High School. The incident she described to me was very painful and I could feel her sorrow as she spoke to me. When this conversation happened we were standing in the living room. She told me she needed my help and gave me a hug. Then, the dream ended.

Fulfillment of Dream – Classes began in Fall 2010 semester in August and I enjoyed my studies. When January 2011 came I began Spring Semester. It was during Spring semester that I would meet this young woman I had seen in the dream in a Women’s Studies class. She would become a friend and participate with us doing activism on campus during the Spring 2011 semester. She visited our townhouse often and the first time she did was in February 2011.

It was at this time that her and I spoke together as we were alone at the townhouse. As we began to talk she shared with me what had happened to her while she was in high school. She told me how 3 separate incidents before this terrible incident happened in high school gave her a spiritual warning about who 2 of the people involved in the situation. These 2 people were brothers and she described the 3 incidents as feeling a strong, almost overwhelming demonic presence that was still fresh in her mind years later.

The 3 incidents of a demonic presence were the following:

*At grocery store with her mom. In this incident she was shopping with her mom and saw these 2 brothers also shopping in the store with their mom. She told me how she felt an evil and dark energy coming off those 2 boys and it was as fresh in her mind when she told me about the experience in 2011 as it was when it had first occurred years earlier.

*In a rain storm playing basketball. In this incident her older brother and her were playing basketball in their driveway during a heavy rain. They were having fun and all of a sudden to their right side a car stopped below their driveway. The older brother of the 2 brothers she had seen at the grocery store jumped out of their car and ran up towards them in an angry manner. He grabbed the basketball and immediately began to attempt to dunk the basketball. This went on for several minutes until the older brother became frustrated, ran back to his friend’s car, and they drove away.

*And on a Halloween night. This incident involves the younger of the 2 brothers and occurred on Halloween night. The girl was trick-or-treating with her friend’s and this younger brother approached her and pushed her down and swiftly ran away. She went to tell her brother but by the time she found him the younger brother had gotten far away.

Years later when the incident in high school occurred those 2 brothers just mentioned were the main agents who brought about that sinful event which involved around a total of 12 people. During this the event she was videotaped and pictures were taken. These sufferings led to depression, suicidal thoughts, cutting, and several hospitalizations in mental health facility. After she unburdened her soul by sharing this experience of suffering with me she gave me a hug. She further expressed to me that because I spoke openly about my experiences of suffering with her and others this gives evidence to the supernatural reality of the spiritual help of Jesus and Mary. Because of my open-ness and honesty this began the process of her healing and return to God. These events fulfilled exactly what happened in the dream months earlier.

Dream – I had this dream in April 2011 (This was also sexual assault awareness month on for college campuses). I was in the house of someone I felt like I knew and sensed the person who lived in that house was an older woman, maybe a grandma. I walked through the living room and noticed a picture to my right that had a large rosary made out of wooden beads. I was approaching the front door of the house because someone was knocking on the door. I sensed an evil sort of aggression was waiting outside the front door of this house. I continued through the living room and now towards the front door.

As I crossed under the overhang of the wall towards the front door I saw a plaque on the overhang which was quoting a scripture in Joshua 24:15 which reads “choose this day whom you will serve, we will serve the Lord.” I now approached the front door and opened up the door. Outside the scene was pitch black and there was a group of men comprised of people I had never seen before and I did not really notice any of the faces. However, the 2 people who were right on the doorstep I did notice their faces because they looked at me with a hostile, demonic type of look. I was not afraid of them and looked them straight in the eyes. Then, the dream ended.

Fulfillment of Dream – I told this young Mexican woman about what I had seen in the dream and she confirmed to me that what I had seen in the dream was the inside of her maternal grandma’s house. Keep in mind I had never seen this house because her grandma lives in the Bay Area and I had never been to the Bay Area. I described the appearance of the 2 male faces I had seen and she figured they were the 2 brothers she had described to me that were involved in the incident with her. Since I am not good at drawing or sketching I asked her how we could confirm who those 2 male faces were.

She told me that after classes ended in late-May 2011 that her family and brother would visit her over the summer and she would ask her brother to bring pictures of those 2 brothers to confirm. When her family visited in summer 2011 I met with her brother who showed me pictures which confirmed that the 2 faces most near me by the door in the dream were the 2 brothers involved in the 3 separate demonic incidents I described above. The main point of why God gave me those 2 dreams is to give this young lady justice. In 2011-2012 I had these 2 dreams published on a web-site of a woman who me and my girlfriend had joined with to speak on the issue of pornography.

I kept her identify anonymous but made a point to reveal both of those dreams to as many women as I could. God brings 100% justice when he gets his revenge in the next life. However, when he see’s fit to do so he will bring justice in this life and such justice is required because other women have suffered in silence as this young woman had for years. The Holy Spirit (Also known as the Spirit of Truth) of God is the divine person who communicates to us the thoughts of God in this life. These thoughts of God purify and strengthen us to live a life acceptable to God and enter into The Kingdom of Heaven.

*Now I will share the second set of prophetic dreams below which also brings the healing balm of God’s Love.

Dream – This dream took place in January 2010. The dream began with me looking at a pitch black sky similar to that of a desert surrounding. I saw in front of me a gravestone which I immediately understood symbolized an abortion. A women who looked Columbian and Mexican then walked towards me holding a young female child in her arms. I felt as though she was in need of my help because she had a sad, depressed look in her eyes. After this the dream ended.

Fulfillment of Dream – As the months passed I would think sometimes about this dream. After meeting my girlfriend later in 2010 and her and I agreeing to become a couple and live together we moved to the city that had the University where we planned to attend classes. We moved to that city in August 2010 and attended several different churches both Catholic and Protestant. One Sunday we went to a Lutheran church and walked into the church and passed a set of coat racks. When we passed the coat racks I saw the half-Columbian and half-Mexican woman I had seen in the dream. She was with an older woman who I later found out was her step-mom. As well, this woman had a female child with her that looked to be around 2 years of age. The name of this young woman was Summer.

I said “Hello” to both of the ladies and so did my girlfriend and we talked together for a short bit. We then sat through the church service and returned to the car to go home. I told my girlfriend about the dream for the 1st time and how the young woman we saw at the church was the same woman I had seen in my dream. To make it even more interesting my girlfriend told me she knew this woman from her time in pornography and had met her on several occasions. Her and I decided to keep these facts between ourselves and ask God to guide our steps on how best to handle the situation.  A few days passed and I had another dream that involved her step-mother. I will describe this dream below and how it was fulfilled.

Dream – This dream took place in August 2010. In this dream I was in my car driving on a road towards a popluar mall in the the city where I attended University. As I approached the stoplight I got into the left lane to turn into the mall parking lot. As I stopped my car I looked straight ahead and I saw a car facing me. The person in that car was the step-mom of the woman from my dream which I had seen at church  a few days earlier. Then, I woke-up as the dream had ended.

Fulfillment of Dream – I awoke and quickly grabbed something to eat as I headed to my car in the garage. I felt in my spirit I must drive immediately over to that mall and see if I would find this young woman’s step-mom in her car across from me just like I did in the dream. As I made my way over towards the mall I entered the left lane and stopped at the stoplight. I looked straight ahead and I saw the step-mom across from me just as I had seen in the dream.

I spoke with the step-mom for 30 minutes and decided to share the dream I had about her step-daughter with her because I wanted confirmation if the dream was truly from God. Her step-mom confirmed to me that her step-daughter did have 1 abortion the prior year and that she had only told a few people about it. I asked her step-mom to please keep our conversation between her and I for now. I asked her step-mom to give the young woman my phone number and have her contact me. Her step-mom took my phone number and thanked me for sharing the dream with her and said she would remain in touch with me.

Several days passed and the young woman called me on the phone. We chatted for a while and agreeded to meet at a Mexican restaurant across from the townhouse where I was living because I told her God had put something on my heart to tell her. The young woman came over and spent some time hanging out with us at the house. After a bit the young woman and I went across the street to eat at the Mexican restaurant. We had some tacos and spent about 1 hour together.

We then went back to the car in the parking lot and I told her I wanted to share with her what God had put upon my heart. I then shared with her the details of the dream I had from January 2010 and asked her if what I had seen in the dream was true and reflected her real life. She began to cry and told me yes it was true that she had an abortion when her other child was 1 year old. We spoke at length and my main points of emphasis to her was that she will see the child again in Heaven; the blood of Christ has cleansed and forgiven her of this sin; and that she can begin again with Jesus Christ her walk on the narrow road to eternal life.

She was comforted and indeed did begin again her walk with God as she would now regularly attend Spanish Mass on Sunday’s and receive the sacraments. My girlfriend and I would also share in Mass with her 1 or 2 times a month and we became good friend. As well, she participated in activism with us on campus and helped us to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. I share these 2 dreams as a reminder for us that your life and the life of every human being is precious and sacred to God. We can be forgiven for our mortal/serious sins if we truly repent from our heart and ask God for the Sanctifying Grace to amend our lives and move forward. Remember that even if you fall into sin 1 million times in your life …. you can always pick yourself up 1 million times and continue to move forward towards God. Life is a long journey so don’t ever give up and things will come together just fine in the end.    : )

**I will be working to add the remainder of my mini-biography as the year moves forward. Please check back later for updates if you want.**


An odd dream from 2013 (Reasonable evidence for the existence of God, The Creator and his knowledge of all human events past, present, and future.)

I had this dream in late-October 2013. This particular dream began with me standing on flat-ground staring out into the distance. Pitch-blackness surrounded me and I felt there was an atmosphere of general fear, anxiety, and panic all around the world. In the dream I felt these stressors would pass and that what I was feeling myself in the dream is what those in the world would later feel.

I also had in my mind that whatever would bring about this worldwide change would begin in October, November, or December 2019. This change on earth was due to some kind of calamity on the earth which affected daily lives of the citizens of all countries on planet earth. I felt the change involved a large scale war, a global financial disaster, or a health-related crisis.

I felt the presence of a strong, male-spirit to my left side. I was very apprehensive about what I was feeling and thinking in the dream. This led me to ask this male-spirit a question. I said to this spirit “What year is it?” to which the spirit responded and said what sounded like “Co-vid 2019”.

For those whom think I may be outright-lying or spurious in sharing this dream should know that I privately told several people (My girlfriend and 1 of my Traditional Catholic Bishop friends) in 2014 about this dream. In mid-2015 I published the “2019” dream on my website and shared the website with many people. Back then, I did not say anything about the “Co-vid” part of the dream. Why ? Because I was not 100% sure if the dream was from God and in a human way of reasoning it sounded crazy to me because I had no idea what “Co-vid 19” was !!

It is obvious to me now in 2022 that the voice was speaking to me about the global health crisis we all experienced in 2019 and 2020. I assume only God has such knowledge of the future and therefore this male voice which has spoken to me several times over the last 2 decades is actually God. Every time this male voice has spoken to me it reveals to me the future events. Whether those events be micro (my own personal life) or macro (authentic world events).

This dream along with the rest of the content on my web-site is meant to glorify God and not myself. I also want to provide evidence for those who do believe in God to prompt them to confidently share the love of God and their testimony with other people. There is no reason to fear or be ashamed because the same God who has spoken to me is the same God who has chosen his elect children out of the world. The fact that he chose us also confirms the everlasting love he has for us and the precious reward of eternal salvation that is awaiting us in Heaven.